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                     Inappropriate Apps and Games



We have had a few issues this week regarding children arguing and playing inappropriate games based on the computer game Fortnite.


Please could parents be aware that the game does feature violence, in-game purchasing, and also the option for group chat, which is unfiltered and accessible to strangers. 


As with any age restricted programs (13+), our guidance is to avoid the game, but if you do choose to let your child play, please be aware of the issues surrounding it and your child's online safety.

What parents should know about Fortnite



This group video chat is a video-focused social media app.  Friends (and friends of friends) can communicate with each other via live video and texts.  Because there is no screening and the video is live, there's always the possibility of inappropriate content for children




10 Apps that Parents Need to be Aware of:

10 Apps that Parents Need to be Aware of: 1