Welcome to Class 3HD


Hello everybody! Well done to those of you who are completing their work at home - we are enjoying looking through the work you have saved for us! We hope to see you soon but, until then, we hope that you continue to keep safe and well.



Homework: Week Beginning 06.07.2020

Your activities for this week are:



Education City - Reading Assessment (Instructions)

Complete the assessment to show us your reading skills. Remember to read or listen to the questions carefully!

Could you follow the instructions after to see if there is anything you would change to make them better?




Education City - Irregular Spellings

Once you've found all of the words with irregular spellings, write a sentence using each one correctly. Make sure you check the irregular spellings when you write them down!




Education City - Number and Place Value Assessment

Make sure you read all of the questions carefully. Use the revision guide at the end to help you practise the areas you found challenging.




Education City - A look at all the areas of science we have covered this year

Plants, animals, humans, rocks, light, forces and magnets. Have a go at the assessment on light and forces and magnets to see how much you can remember.



Over the last few weeks, you have looked at many different countries in the World. This week, we would like you to pick the country that you found most interesting and create a fact file about it. You can create your fact file on Purple Mash or on paper. You will need to use your art skills to help you show the country's flag or location on a map!



Purple Mash - 2 Code - Chimp

Remember to watch the videos to help you if you are unsure.


Art and Design

This week, we would like you to draw us a self portrait or a portrait of somebody in your house. The link below has a video that you can watch to help you.




All of the Education City activities have been saved in the usual place.


Our school week:


Homework set

Spellings set

Spelling test 



PE lesson



Library session 



Homework due in



Your reading must be completed and your logs signed by an adult each night. Your reading logs will be checked each morning by Mrs Harvey and Mrs Eaton.

For reading at home you will be given:

  • A chance to win a book in assembly,
  • Pupil Reward Points,
  • Stickers.

You can change your stage reading book every day after lunchtime.



You need to complete three attempts at home. Your logs will be checked each morning by Mrs Harvey and Mrs Eaton. For practising your spellings at home you will be given:

  • Pupil Reward Points,
  • Stickers.



Homework is set every Monday on Education City. You all have log-ins in your Reading Records. If you are unsure about your homework, make sure you ask Mrs Harvey or Mrs Eaton. If you cannot access the internet at home, you can attend Homework Club during school. For completing your homework you will be given:

  • Pupil Reward Points,
  • Stickers.



PE is on a Tuesday afternoon. Full PE  kit must be worn for PE. 

This includes the following:

  • Plain white t-shirt or a t-shirt in the colour of your house,
  • Plain shorts or jogging bottoms,
  • Sensible trainers or pumps,
  • No jewellery,
  • Hair tied back.

It is important to have suitable shoes in school as we sometimes go outside for PE.