laugh Welcome to 5B! laugh

We hope you are having fun and staying safe! smiley 


Well done for completing some of the work from last week; we are all extremely impressed by your effort! We also want to say a big thank you to everyone at home for making sure you're doing the work. smiley





We love to read in class 5B and it is important that we read at home too! Children should complete 10-20 minutes of reading per night. The name of the book should be recorded in their reading log, along with page numbers, a comment about how they read, and a signature. 

Homework -

WC 06.04.2020


Your activities for this week:


My Maths

Converting Measure


Measuring Length


Units of Length


Education City 

Spelling Stallions 2 (Spelling)


Mary Anning - Fossil Hunter (Reading)


How Gears Work (Science)


Purple Mash 

Topic – Anglo-Saxons – Gods and Goddesses and Anglo-Saxon Beliefs


Serial mash - Sapphires – The Lost Myth of Mathos (Chapter 2 reading, questions and writing activity)


2Code - Chimp - Save all of your work so we can see what you have done, as well as your scores!


Be Creative

Show us your creativity!


Your challenge whilst you are away from school is to be creative and show us your art and design skills.

  • Sketch a portrait of someone using different pencil techniques.
  • Make your own board game – with rules. Try to beat a parent or sibling!
  • Create something to showcase your learning. This could be a poster or diagram.
  • Create a rainbow to display in the windows of your house - spread positivity! smiley