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Welcome to 5B

Please bring your PE kit on Tuesday frown

Friday  - Homework is set.

Monday - Spellings are set. 

In your spelling logs, please complete:

Attempt 1 on Monday evening

Attempt 2 on Tuesday evening

Attempt 3 on Wednesday evening


Thursday - Spelling Test/Homework due in


Children should also read for 10 minutes each evening and have their reading record books signed by an adult. 

Miss Brough and Miss Hill will check that spelling attempts and reading records have been completed each morning and you will receive a raffle ticket. 

Group 1:  deceive, conceive, receive, perceive, ceiling


Group 2: musician, electrician, magician, politician, mathematician


Homework - division

Please see Miss Brough for another sheet. 


In History we will be studying Anglo Saxons.


Your challenge for this half term is to research and present information about them. 

  • Write a report on an aspect of Anglo Saxon life that interests you (e.g. games, carpentry, farming, transport).
  • Write a food diary for one day as if you were member of an Anglo Saxon household.
  • Write a report on an Anglo Saxon feast or festival. Does it still exist in any form today?
  • Make your own Anglo Saxon board game – with rules. Beat a parent!
  • Design an advert for an apprentice in a specialised job (e.g. blacksmith, weaver, reeve).
  • Create a work sheet of maths word problems for Anglo Saxon children.
  • Write a description about walking to the great hall of an important Anglo Saxon leader for your first day at work. (Think about the early morning sounds and smells of the village as well as your emotions as you approach the huge building and your new job.)