Most pupils at Blakenall Heath Junior School have good attendance rates and we would like to thank you for supporting your child's education by encouraging good attendance.


In September 2015, the government changed the threshold for persistent absence from 85% to 90%.  In preparation for this change, the Department for Education are reporting on the 90% attendance and below during this academic year.  This means that school have to monitor closely pupils who are not achieving an overall attendance of 90%


                      90% attendance = 19 days a year missed or a day off every 2 weeks.


There will be earlier intervention from both school and the Education Welfare officer and more communication if attendance becomes a concern.  Your child will be identified as a persistent absence during the year if they are absent for the following amounts: 


Half TermsSessions absent (am,pm)Time in days
17 or more sessions3.5
1-214 or more sessions7
1-320 or more sessions10
1-425 or more sessions12.5
1-531 or more sessions15.5
1-638 or more sessions19


We understand that there will be times when a pupil will require time off school.  It is the schools decision whether this is authorised or not and it would be helpful if you could provide school with appointment cards or letters and copies of any prescriptions issued.