Who's who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher

Ms. K. Baker

Deputy Head Teacher 

Mrs. M. Harris

School Business Manager 

Mrs. S. Addison

Middle Leadership Team


Mrs. R. Bayley

Mrs. F. Harris

Mrs. E. Owen

Mrs. P. Schirinzi

Mrs. C. Weston

Teaching Staff


Year 3


Mrs. D. Harvey

Mrs. F. Harris

Miss. S. Simkiss


Year 4


Mrs. E. Owen

Mrs. P. Schirinzi


Year 5


Miss. M. Brough

Miss. C. Jukes


Year 6


Mrs. C. Weston

Mrs. R. Bayley




Mrs. R. Bayley


Additional Teaching Support


Mrs. I. Dhillon

Mr. N. Timms

Teaching Assistants


Phase 3 & 4


Mrs H. Eaton

Miss. A. Jerrison

Mrs. A. Hopkins

Mrs. J. Garbett



Phase 5 & 6


Miss. G. Hill

Mrs. J. Breakwell

Mrs. A. Wall

Mr. A. Fuller



Sports Development/Learning Coach - Mr. C. Morgan

Site Manager - Mr. P. Rollason


Senior Administrator/ Attendance Officer - Mrs. A. Meakin


Administrative Assistant - Mrs. A. Halls



Lunchtime Supervisors


Miss. M. Lloyd

Mrs. A. Pearce

Mrs. K. Smith


Senior Lunchtime Supervisors


Mrs. C. Hulse





Canteen Superviser - Mrs. K. Reynolds 


Canteen Assistant - Mrs. P Bakewell

Canteen Assistant - Mrs. M. Tolley

Canteen Assistant - Mrs. K. Daniel

Cleaning Staff


Mrs. C. Hulse

Mrs. M. Lloyd

Mrs. A. Pearce

Mrs. M. Reynolds