Governor nomination - Lighthouse Federation

6th September 2023


Dear Parents/Carers,




As part of the consultation process for the expansion of The Lighthouse Federation, we now have a new Instrument of Governance. Part of our membership of the Executive Board (Governing Body) includes 2 Parent Governors selected from all 9 Federation schools.


School Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country, and have an important part to play in raising school standards through their key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating school performance.


The key role for all Governors is to act in the best interest of all the pupils from across the Federation whether they are monitoring budgets or agreeing equality policies, the underlying focus should be what difference will this make to the children of The Lighthouse Federation. Without Governors, the federation cannot operate effectively and being part of the Governing Body involves you in key decision making. To qualify as a Parent Governor, you need to be a parent of a child at one of the 9 schools that make up the Lighthouse Federation.


Governors attend approximately eight governing body meetings a year. The Governing Body is made up of people from all walks of life and is friendly and supportive.


If this is something that interests you and you think you could offer your skillset to the Executive Board, then please fill in the form attached and return it to your School Office by 12 noon on Monday 11th September 2023. All pages need to be completed as part of the nomination process. Any uncompleted sections, will result in the nominee being withdrawn from the process.


Yours sincerely


Mr P Drew

Chief Operating Officer The Lighthouse Federation