1st March 2022


Dear Parent/Carer


** IMPORTANT** - TheSchoolApp


From Monday 4th April we will be communicating with parents and carers through TheSchoolApp instead of sending text messages. If you do not already have access to TheSchoolApp please complete the attached permissions slip and return ASAP and by no later than Monday 14th March 2022.


Benefits of the App for Parents and Carers


• The app is secure; you set up a PIN/ Touch ID to access on your phone


• The app is powered by our school Website, which means that when you download it you will be able to receive and access important messages along with calendar events, newsletters, latest news and all information pages within the school website.


• You no longer need to go searching for letters at the bottom of school bags


• You will receive secure individual and group messages as well as whole school notices


• You can translate all app content by enabling the Google translate plugin. This can be done from the first screen when you open the app for the first time or later on from the More menu.


• We can be certain that you have received the message


To set up the App


• Complete the attached permissions slip and return to school by no later than Monday 14th March 2022. We will then send you an invitation to download the app.


• Download the app by visiting your app store and searching for TheSchoolApp.


• Once the permissions form has been received by the school office you will receive a text message from TheSchoolApp asking you to verify your phone number and to follow this link:  

If you have more than one child at our school please return the permissions form for all children.


• When you have downloaded TheSchoolApp it will ask if you previously received an SMS invitation from school? Click yes and enter your mobile number when prompted. You will then receive a verification code by text.


• Should you require the authentication process to be displayed in another language to help assist you through the process, you can click the Translate with Google icon in the top right corner.


• Setting up TheSchoolApp should take no longer than a couple of minutes.


It is important that we have the most up-to-date parent/carer contact details and emergency contacts for your child. If any information changes throughout the school year, please notify us immediately.


Please contact the school office if you need any further information or help setting up TheSchoolApp


Yours sincerely



K. J. Baker

Head Teacher