Year 6 Online Messaging

Dear Parents/Carers


Online Messaging


I wish to bring to your attention that I have been made aware there are two large Year 6 WhatsApp and Snapchat message groups where there have been some unpleasant and unkind messages sent.  If your child does have access to these groups, I would advise that you monitor the content carefully and report any offensive messages, both to the app provider (there are settings within the app to enable you to do this) and police if necessary.  We also advise that you screenshot any offensive messages.  We will continue to support children where we are made aware of concerns.


Throughout every year group we focus on e-safety and Year 6 will be doing further work around this in preparation for transition to high school in the coming weeks.


Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs M Harris

Head Teacher